When people ask me “Why do you love Flagler Beach?” I always answer “Have you been there?”

For those of us fortunate to call Flagler Beach home, and for the thousands of others who vacation and visit here, we know exactly why we wholeheartedly love this beautiful town. With all Flagler has to offer, it’s easy to get a running list of things that make it a fabulous place to work, play and live. I want to share the top three reasons why I love Flagler Beach with you. To those who may wonder “Why Flagler Beach?” here’s why-

I enjoy all of the wonderful restaurants. From health food to unique combinations, there’s something that is sure to please every member of the family.

Flagler Beach is a great safe town where my children can grow up. Flagler Beach is a dreamy, picturesque place where time seems to slow down and you can find peace.

Last, but not least, on the list of why I love Flagler Beach is hands down because of the locals. I have seen the people of this town come together when times are great and when times are hard. The spirit of Flagler Beach lives in every resident and it shows.

So for all who live here or have visited, the answer is clear. But for those still wondering “Why Flagler Beach?” come and visit. You’ll soon find yourself saying “Why anywhere not Flagler Beach?”

Faith Stiles